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About Lumina Skin

I don’t need anything else these days! I’m Lora Sappenfield and I’m incredibly grateful to share this journey with you.

My path has been varied, like so many. My first professional 20 years were spent as a fashion forecaster and merchandiser, combing the world for new trends to intrigue and delight my Contemporary customer.

Moving up to the ultimate luxury market, I joined The Corcoran Group in 2018. I have loved working deals for my clients, mainly in Manhattan and Brooklyn, with a special focus on my native (okay 25 years) and beloved Greenpoint and townhouse transactions.

But my dream has always been to open my own business. At the ripe young age of 53 I have done just that. With my two teenagers starting to find their own paths in the world, my moment arrived to focus on what I feel genuine passion for…laser skincare. I dabbled in laser treatments with dermatologists, but was told there were limitations. (You mean I can remove the age spots on my face, but not my hands?!) I found a way around these limitations…and Lumina Skin was born. The machines I have invested in are truly curated to range from the delicious to the intense, all with real clinical data, science, and proven results!

So what are your goals? What is going to make you luminous, in life and in spirit? What’s going to honor your unique beauty? Come to Lumina Skin to find out how we can help.

I can’t wait to meet you!